Lunch with a view


You’ve probably heard of “room with a view” but today was all about the spectacular scenery which brought our lunch break to the next level. Follow us to the top of the Swiss Alps where winter greets spring in the most stunning way. 

The sun might have been shining bright in the azure sky yesterday but we still had to put on our snow boots to walk up to the charming restaurant Mayen de la Cure. This little wooden chalet proudly sits among the pine tree forest and offers stupendous snowy views over Crans-Montana and beyond. The menu revolves around Swiss classics such as fondue, rösti or croûte au fromage – not very light but oh so delicious.

The panoramic terrace of this little gem is always fully occupied by locals and tourists alike. Moreover, you can only access the restaurant walking or skiing which turns your meal into an even more appreciated reward.









  • Sunglasses: Christian Dior
  • Sweater: Club Monaco
  • T-shirt: Ralph Lauren
  • Jeans: Helmut Lang
  • Shoes: Moon Boots

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