Into the woods


Last week, we visited a strange and magical remote village in Switzerland called Saas-Fee. We had a promising lunch date booked at a Relais & Châteaux restaurant but the journey to reach it was equally as wonderful.

As you approach the charming little village of Saas-Fee, nestled 1,800 meters above sea level, you will be asked to leave your vehicle in a large parking area. Indeed, no cars are allowed to cross the village except from the small electric ones which can drive you to the various hotels. And you can call yourselves lucky because up until the 1950s, there was not even a proper road leading up there! It is hence by foot that we started our exploration.

Saas-Fee is a very peaceful and traditional Swiss village where some of the inhabitants’ original wooden chalets still stand strong. Those were often elevated on pillars to keep the food safe from rodents and other animals. If you take a closer look as you walk around, you will also notice goofy faces carved into tree roots. Follow them, they will lead your way!

As we reached the top of the village, we were faced with a majestic pine tree forest which we had to cross in order to reach the restaurant. After a 15 minutes walk, we finally arrived at the Waldhotel Fletschhorn. Believe me, this intimate gem is worth the trip. Here, Michelin starred Chef Markus Neff immerses guests in his gourmet world of refined and elevated flavors. Don’t forget to pick out a bottle from the hotel’s impressive wine cellar to complete the experience.













  • Leather jacket: Smalto
  • Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Jeans: Diesel
  • Boots: Ralph Lauren
  • Gloves: Club Monaco

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